Torquing Tuning with Jeff Jackson

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“It is exorbitantly expensive to maintain and run agricultural vehicles and fleets of trucks and buses. It makes sense to do everything possible to prolong the vehicle’s life and improve its productivity while saving money on fuel and additives.”

That is where jeff Jackson comes in. He owns Eco Tuning ZA, the Kwazulu-Natal-based company specializing in getting the best performance possible from all motors, particularly from diesel-powered workhorses like tractors, trucks, industrial generators and forestry and agricultural vehicles.

Jackson has over ten years’ experience in engine diagnostics, fault finding, programming and instrument repairs. He says EcoTunings’s main priority is to help vehicle owners save time and money by remapping the engine control unit (ECU). “We concentrate on cost-saving rather than performance”, he says.

The best way to cut the cost of fuel and additives for your bakkie or fleet of trucks is to remap the ECU. We are backed by an expert team of software developers experienced with tuning tractors and other agricultural vehicles, and a worldwide network of engine management programmers,” Jackson explains.

“We copy and save your original mapping. If your vehicle is out of warranty, then ECU remapping is the most logical solution because it extends the motor’s life by reducing engine loading.

There are many different sensors connected to an engine that communicates with the OEM-programmed or mapped ECU. The ECU controls the ignition and injection timing valves and the amount of fuel injected into the engine based on the engine temperature, engine revolutions (RPM), air temperature, exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and throttle position.

“The ECUs of modern vehicles manufactured in or destined for countries in Europe and Scandinavia are programmed to comply with Euro-6 emission regulations. Diesel-powered motors built since 2006 use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to inject tiny quantities of AdBlue into the exhaust gases to reduce nitrous oxide emissions,” he explains.

“There is no legal requirement for an SCR and AdBlue in Africa. Nor is there an imperative for vehicles to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). We recommend deleting these features.” Jackson says it is possible to save R2000 and R3000 when a long-haul truck does not have to use AdBlue. Deleting and removing the DPF eliminates replacement expenses, improves the power output and range of the vehicle, stops the “limp” mode.

EcoTuning provides a range of services, including diagnostics and programming, the three stages of tuning, and a diesel anti-theft device for the fuel tank. Jackson says his team is mobile, and the remapping takes four hours at the most at the customers premises. “We have countless examples of the advantages gained from optimizing motors. For example, we recently did a Stage 1 remap on a fuel while enjoying an additional 200km per tank. Another customer with a European truck says his fuel consumption is down by 17%”

Jackson says EcoTuning ZA can assist forestry companies and fleet owners in saving on their fuel bills and extending the lives of older vehicles. “You can trust our high-quality tuning flies” he promises.


By Joy Crane

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